City Contacts

The Mayor and City Councillors are the people responsible for Laneway Housing in Vancouver, British Columbia. They claim to welcome all feedback, and in our opinion they desperately need guidance.

Mayor and City Council:

Current City Councillors of Vancouver:

    Louie, Raymond:
    Anton, Suzanne:
    Cadman, David:
    Chow, George:
    Deal, Heather:
    Jang, Kerry:
    Meggs, Geoff:
    Reimer, Andrea:
    Stevenson, Tim:
    Woodsworth, Ellen:

Current Mayor of Vancouver:

    Robertson, Gregor:

Vancouver City Council Home Page

For questions about the implementation report, please contact Heike Roth at the City Hall Planning Department at 604-871-6115.


Vancouver’s Laneway Housing Website

Vancouver’s EcoCity Website


City’s Mailing List

Anyone who would like to be added to the laneway housing email list just needs to email me, or email and ask to be included.


Vanessa Kay
Planning Assistant,
City-Wide and Regional Planning
City of Vancouver

Tel: 604 871-6121

1 Response to City Contacts

  1. Lee says:

    I am in favour of lane way housing…not sure what all the problem is. I lived in Toronto for many years and in the downtown core. It had little to no effect on the neighbourhood and in fact allowed young couples to live downtown (Annex and near the University). I did not hear of any negative impact on the neighbourhood. So I do not understand all the hype being expressed by Point Grey Residents. I live in Point Grey now and have lived here for a number of years.

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