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Laneway Housing is a Terrible Idea!

To Mayor and Council: All I can say is what are you people thinking?? Another brainless idea from people without much long-term foresight. I am totally against laneway housing and ask that you stop this ridiculous idea – I cannot … Continue reading

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Devious Council Desecrating our City

Dear Mayor and Councillors, As immigrants who long ago chose Vancouver as the best place in the world to live, and who have invested in housing as we have worked our way up the property ladder, it is overwhelmingly disappointing, … Continue reading

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Laneway Lampoon

Let’s build more houses! One in my backyard, one in your backyard, one in each of my neighbours’ backyards, one in each of your neighbours’ backyards, and so on until every backyard in the city has a house. There is … Continue reading

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I can’t believe that you encourage laneway housing. Apparently you don’t know that you are ruining our lives! With more people we will have more cars, more fumes, more pollution, more noise, more garbage cans. We’ll also have more shade … Continue reading

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Laneway Lunacy

This is the way the single-family neighbourhood ends – with neither a bang nor a whimper but just a stroke of the pen, following the decision, in July 2009, of the Mayor and Council to rezone residential Vancouver. Thus, in … Continue reading

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Follow Toronto’s Example

Dear Mayor and Council I urge you to follow the example of Toronto and cancel the Laneway Housing Program. Your unilateral repudiation of long-standing residential zoning bylaws destroys neighbourhoods, congests the city, risks increasing crime and vermin, and turns Vancouver … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Vancouver’s Laneway Housing Policy

It is an interesting time and questions arise on how to grow vancouver in the correct, ecologically friendly way … that maximizes the enjoyment of the citizens there are always disagreements, confusion, spins, … on everything … we all talk … Continue reading

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