Laneway Lampoon

Let’s build more houses! One in my backyard, one in your backyard, one in each of my neighbours’ backyards, one in each of your neighbours’ backyards, and so on until every backyard in the city has a house. There is no saturation point. We’ll just build and build. The purpose of a city now is to cram as many people into it as possible. Cities must no longer have single-family residential environments. Instead, they must be warrens — places of congestion, stress, and, of course, municipal taxes. Therefore let’s destroy what generations have created, and clog the city with Laneway Houses.
Vancouver is the only city in North America to have exposed its single-family neighbourhoods to wholesale invasion by Laneway Housing. Rampant and unrestricted cannibalization of single-family neighbourhoods by Laneway Housing is not the norm for cities in North America, but an unprecedented and irreversibly destructive aberration. Yet this unprecedented decision was taken arbitrarily, with no opportunity for homeowners to vote on it.
With best regards,
Eric Levy
Vancouver Resident
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5 Responses to Laneway Lampoon

  1. Sandy says:

    That’s why it’s called a city, and not a village or the wide open prairie. I suggest you look into property up north or move to Saskatchewan.

  2. I can’t imagine where everyone is supposed to park? It’s already maxed.

  3. Sandy says:

    That’s exaggeration. If your block is extra-congested, look into residents only or permit only parking with the City.
    Look at the much-ballyhooed 4600 West 11th block in Point Grey. There is lots of street parking on that block any time of day or night. And note that many of the houses on that block don’t even have a garage at all! How do they get away with having NO off-street parking? And then they still complain about laneway houses? 4 of the 5 on that block have 2 off-street spots each. Hypocrisy.

  4. Billy says:

    The City has regulations in place to ensure at least one extra on-site parking spot is supplied with a laneway house. The NIMBY attitude on this subject just doesn’t fly. The city and region are failing because the masses are forced to live outside the city they work in. The aim for planners is to create more affordable living so more people can live closer to where they work, and thereby alleviate commuting. Standard stuff. But if you want to live in your acreage in the city and can afford it (could you afford to buy your own house right now at market value?!), don’t complain about rising property taxes and cutting of community services.

    • Carole says:

      Look around, be realistic!

      Who on the East side of Vancouver needs fill-in Laneway Houses. The East Side is already crammed with RS1 designated house which hold 5 to 6 Apartments of renters. Other RS1 new homes have 2-3 legal apartment rentals. All the above have 1, 2, 3 cars each rental plus the owners.

      The experience here is, that most of the new homes’ extra apartments and laneway houses are rented, at Premium Rental rates, to the Foreign Students Agencies $$$$

      Affordability housing for low income working people does not exist. The Realtors call our houses Ranchers, this means tear downs, build monster house with laneway house on small lot.

      Back Gardens are being destroyed with this housing policy. Yet, the COV doles out money to set up gardens on vacated lots! This is counter productive! Our gardens are being overshadowed by the nearly 2 storey Laneway houses along with the newly developed new or renoed maxed out house.

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