There are many laneway houses being built in our neighborhood here in Pt. Grey. Our family is very concerned about the size of some of these houses. We are losing a lot of privacy, and the amount of sunshine in our yards will affect our gardens and will take away some of the enjoyment we have sitting out and playing with our children. Cars are trying to park in the alley way and makes leaving our property very difficult at times. There isn’t very much room to drive by them. Where are all the other new people going to park? We are very concerned because there is no limit to the number of these laneway houses allowed per block. They can be 2 stories, 20 ft high. This is far too big. We are willing to fight to have these plans changed or stopped completely. We will also be very careful in selecting a candidate in the Nov 2011 municipal election.

Point Grey Resident

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2 Responses to Concerns

  1. Michael Lyons says:

    If your neighbours and their families are building laneway houses on their properties, it is an indication of their need and the popularity of the program. I doubt that any program ever appealed to every single person, but this program has been widely accepted.

    These are only 500 s/ft of total living space on 33′ lots, so any smaller would make them much less livable. Second level living space is inside the sloping roof line (like attic living) and there are rigid limits to the mass and windows of that level to protect privacy and sunlight as much as reasonably possible.

    I oppose the demolition of still useful older houses to gain more living space by replacing it with a monster house (there should be more incentive to retain houses), but to add a small living space at the back of an existing home is exactly what this city’s families, homeowners, neighbours, residents, taxpayers… seem to need.

  2. Brian says:

    As more of these monstrosities go up, more people (those neighbours impacted) will become angered by the degradation in the quality of their neighbourhoods. Whenever you see one going up, leaflet the neighbours with the “No Eco All Density” print out available on this website. If Toronto (!) can stop laneway housing, Vancouver can as well.

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