LWH Seattle “Backyard Cottage” rules now practical

Dear Mayor and Council,
You will be interested in this opinion on the LWH issue from a Realtor. It is circulating in Point Grey where impacted neigbours, not forewarned of developments adjacent to their properties, are attending ever larger meetings as you head towards an election.

“The impression I have based on dealings with my buyers is that those people who can afford $2.4 to $4 million for a new house don’t need or want to have a tenant in their backyards. They want their privacy and they want a safe spot for their expensive cars.

The only instances where they are interested is if they have elderly parents, or their 20ish kids but both of these situations really only last a few years. I think builders are discovering that there’s not much profit in adding the laneway houses. Demand is not all that strong.”

Time out ! Seattle’s rules are perhaps what is needed.
These rules allow the instances that the Realtor has identified as viable. Indeed, Seattle’s guide could also smooth the path with neighbours as it says “To make sure your Backyard Cottage is a good neighbor,you will want to talk to your neighbors”—See page 12 paragraph 3 here  http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/static/Backyard%20Cottages%20Guide_web_LatestReleased_DPDS015822.pdf
With the real estate flaw apparent, why not introduce the approach used in Seattle ?
Point Grey Resident
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1 Response to LWH Seattle “Backyard Cottage” rules now practical

  1. Michael Lyons says:

    That letter states that a realtor claims that buyers would rather have a safe spot for their expensive cars than additional living space for people. How about that Vancouver? Is it reasonable to cancel laneway housing and other density enhancing programs because people with the ability to buy a 4 million dollar mansion (how many square feet is that house anyway?) prefer a safe spot for their expensive car over space for family or to help with the mortgage? Even if any of that statement were true, let them house their Maserati’s… and the rest of us will house our families!

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