Dear Ellen Woodsworth

I have recently become alarmed by the unpleasant change underway in my West Point Grey neighbourhood with the introduction of large laneway houses.  The intent of my letter is to applaud your efforts at the Council meeting of November 2, 2010 to instate a four-month moratorium on the issuance of permits until concerns raised have been addressed.

Developers are having a field day building what are essentially two houses on one property with the laneway house able to accommodate up to 4 people.  And we thought they were to be single-storey “granny flats” at the bottom of the garden!  Quite frankly it is frightening to think what might be built on our neighbours’ properties.

Our streets will be become wall-to-wall parking lots.  And our own 1-1/2 storey character home will be a “tear-down” when we sell.

If the City intended to increase affordable housing in our area and to preserve character homes, it is failing on both counts and also making people very unhappy with its insensitive approach.

There has to be a better way.

Thank you for trying to slow the process down and take our concerns seriously.

Point Grey Resident

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