Six new Vancouver laneway homes toured

To see and read a CTV report on the latest laneway house openings, see Six new Vancouver laneway homes toured.
Date: Sunday Dec. 12, 2010

Al Mackenzie and Gary Onstad

Residents Al Mackenzie and Gary Onstad call the backyard homes "monsters" that had "violated" their neighbourhood.

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6 Responses to Six new Vancouver laneway homes toured

  1. Ray says:

    Old, rich, white NIMBY’s! STFU and let our city move forward. Your time here is limited!

    • Webmaster says:

      Wow, “Ray” manages to be racist, ageist, profane, short-sighted and uneducated all in a few brief words. Hey Ray, read a few articles on this website. We’re not against laneway houses, or even laneway houses in our back yards. We’re not all rich, we’re not all white, and we’re not all old. We just want City Hall to be fair about laneway housing and approach the project with some civic responsibility and sensitivity to citizens and their existing neighbourhoods.

      If and when you grow up and develop some perspective on things, you’ll realize that life isn’t all about development at the expense of nature, lying to the public, ignoring constituencies, blindly blundering through projects just to make a fast buck, and kowtowing to corruption and ineptitude.

      You poor dolt. You actually seem unaware that your time here is just as limited as ours.

  2. Kitty says:

    Way to delete comments!

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